IMPACTPLUS offers Job Guarantee

Get a Job or your money back

Learning software development is not easy, but it has immense career potential as it’s a fast growing field. No part of human existence is untouched with technology and hence the career possibilities that software industry offers is immense. We are confident that if you put the required work, under our guidance, you can land a job as a software developer. Not to mention that we will make your learning relatively easy when compared to self-study. If we cannot fulfill our promise, we’ll refund your tuition fee.

This is how it works, you go through our course and then you resume you job search. We give you the support, the guidance, and discipline you need to build the skills that are needed in the industry and finally we help you with getting a job.


You will pass out form IMPACTPLUS when you finish the following Hurdles.

Project based Learning.

Learn by doing, create and publish your work under the guidance of your mentor. You can also include your bio and contact details in your published work, which you can later showcase to potential recruiters. Actions speak louder than words, your published work will work talk about your skill sets.
For passing out of IMPACTPLUS purposes, your mentor has to approve your work and that will happen when :

  1. When your project is unique (not adopted from the web).
  2. When your project has readable and maintainable code.
  3. And when the mentor feels that you have demonstrated proficiency with technology skills.

Earn your Mentors recommendation.

Once you have demonstrated your technical skills to your mentor (through your project work and your interactions with him) and he becomes confident that you have acquired the necessary skill sets and developed the required mental thought process to contribute to a software project, he will recommend you for graduation. Mentor will met you often and is in the best position to judge your learning.

Mock Interviews

Technical skills alone does not win you a job, you need convey what you know and how will you be an asset to the potential employer. Interviews are not a pleasant experience for most of us. But like any event in life, you perform better when you practice. You will go through 4 separate mock interview sessions, where you will coached and feedback shared- so that you improve. By the end of 4th mock we are sure you would be much confident version of yourself. There will also be focused work done with you on your resume so that defending your resume in the interview becomes a second nature to you.

Pass out with 6 months of Enrollment

You must pass out with 6 months of enrollment to enjoy the job guarantee clause.

Job Search

After you finish your graduation from IMPACTPLUS are career services kicks in. our recruitment experts will help you with your job search and provide all the support needed in the process. But you also need to buckle up.

Identifying available Job Opportunities :

Our career services constantly keeps a vigil on the job openings in various software organization and alerts are graduates to apply. We also tab our industry network, figure out there needs and place our IMPACTPLUS graduates. We have recently started tapping on our exhaustive alumni network also. All these sources ensure you find the right opportunity for a job.

Well drafted-Job Application

Any hiring manager would like to feel important. A well-crafted application consisting of a personalized cover letter and your resume will make you stand out in the crowd. We will help you assemble this application material.

Get a real Job

We will guide you to a job where your primary responsibility would be software development. It won’t be a temporary job, won’t be an unpaid internship and not a job in training other students. If you put efforts and pass out our graduation hurdles mentioned above, we guarantee that within 6 months we will provide you a job opportunity.

The Finer details

You must at-least 21 years of age, legally able to work and proficient in spoken and written English. We cannot guarantee job if you are not able to secure a job even after 5 job interviews that where facilitated by us.


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