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Hi,i'm yellareddy.I got placed in Hash Cloud Technology with 2.1L package.Deccansoft taught me many things through Sandeep Soni sir among that the important one is .Net(Impact Plus),discipline,punctuality and so on.I have never seen a teacher who takes so much of personal care towards students in understanding concepts and get placed.Point to be noted from Sandeep Soni sir is that the way he maintain and content in that Online Videos for the sake of students is amazing.I got many reviews from many people who said deccansoft is the Best .Net Training center.Now i experienced that.

- P Yella Reddy - 21/03/2016

Im a college student of IT and I have taken the C# course several times to keep myself updated all the time. I can honestly say that this is one of the best courses I have ever taken. BestDotNetTraining is pure knowledge compared to the classes I take at university. After I bought the video courses I can say with confidence that I know how to program, something I found difficult to say when I just had my university training.

- Martin Djerf - 15/03/2014

I worked in IT for 5 years completely in different technology. I took a 2 years of break. When I planned to work again, I came across this website and saw the demos. I finalized to study Dotnet. I just studied from the scratch. I took the whole package course and gone through all the courses. I became fit to search for Dotnet jobs within 3 months and I just cracked the interviews. I would say only because of Sandeep soni, I got a job again within the short span of time. This gave me good confidence. He just teaches even the very complex topics with ease. Thank you Sir!

- sree - 24/10/2014