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There is a shortage of skilled entry level Software Engineers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Impact Plus Industry Experience Software and IT are impacting businesses worldwide and as a result software companies are on the continuous lookout for software engineers who are able to program from the first day.
There is considerable skill gap,vis-a-vis what corporates expect and what a recent graduate can offer. There is a need to upskill.
IMPACTPLUS is an industry endorsed unique pedagogy that blends programming skills and softskills ,that wll make you ready for the software programming job. you will gain overview of software devolopment foundation and comprehensive knowledge of tools and techniques that are heavily used in the industry.

Program Benefits

Hyderabad’s most Appreciated Software Training & Finishing School.

Deccansoft has been one of the premier Software training schools in Hyderabad area for last 20 years. A generation of students now doing both in India & abroad rank Deccansoft as one the reason for their career success.

Industry Relevant curriculum

The curriculum combines Technology skill training as well as soft skills training required to do well in a job interview situation as well as job situation. The learnings from the course result in a more confident participant who will be able to ace job interviews as well as contribute to the job requirement very easily.

Innovative Pedagogy

The course creates a blended learning environment that has nothing to do with the existing knowledge level of the student. The course assumes he knows nothing. The classroom sessions are followed by lab assignments under the guidance of mentor which is further followed by online learning that keep your learning continuous and hardwired.

Hand on exposure

Use of tools like Visual studio and SQL Server as well as programming language like C#, SQL etc. are an integral part of the learning experience. Use of these tools in project situations would cement your learnings also will make you very comfortable with the tools.

Soft skills training

Interviews, both technical and soft skills (personality) is a very important part of the entire course journey. These mock interviews followed by its personalized feedback will make the candidate a more confident and self-assured person. The candidate become very comfortable with his resume and can justify it anywhere. The candidate will learn how to manage the negative nervous energies building up during interview.

Software Engineering Career preparation for college students.

There is a myth that if you have a college degree, you have a job. The fact is it takes an average student 6-8 months to secure job after graduation. You need to have career seeking skill sets and little practical experience otherwise you a likely to be a just another resume in

Most students expect to work after college graduation. However your job search should not begin when you graduate. Ideally career planning and preparation should occur throughout their college studies. By the time you pass out you should have developed skill sets that will help you become productive at your career of choosing. Unfortunately students out of college are not readily equipped with skills that Software industry wants, as a result there has always been a need for a Finishing Schools that will make graduate students industry ready.

To become an employee (software engineer), a college student needs to find ways to learn the specific skills of software engineering. He doesn’t have to settle in one area or technology as such, but he needs to understand how the pieces come together to become the whole. He also needs to demonstrate that he possess other transferable skills. Transferable skills include Communication, trouble shooting, decision making, leadership, and problem solving.

So… why go through IMPACTPLUS?

IMPACTPLUS is a project based learning/ training program. It will help you develop skills that is directly relevant for your future employment. Through your interaction with faculty and your project based learning you will enhance your skill sets which will eventually lead to personal development and professional preparation.

IMPACTPLUS provides you opportunity to:

  • Apply technology to practical classroom work.
  • Clarify academic and career interest.
  • Develop human relation skills through interaction with batch mates.
  • Develop job search skills.
  • Develop resumes
  • Prepare for interview.
  • Get interviewed for jobs through our network.
  • Get a job.