A study conducted by Harvard Researchers on employability suggests that success at the work place is more a function of both soft skills as well as technical skills.

According to the latest survey of World Bank in association with FICCCI & MHRD on Employability of graduates, only 64% of employers are somewhat satisfied with the current engineering skills found among the graduates.

Of nearly the 3 million graduates passing out each year, only 20% is considered employable. This is a funny situation in India – there are more opportunities and there are more graduates but, there are less skills.

In the order to address the gap between Campuses to Corporate, we offer IMPACTPLUS, the software engineering finishing school. This program is aimed at enhancing the employability of students and young graduates, so that they can secure a job and settle in Software Engineering career.

Over all student Development is achieved by

  1. In depth and Industry relevant Software engineering curriculum.
  2. Personal excellence or Career preparation program.

The career preparation program or the Personal Excellence program is specifically designed to prepare engineering students and young graduates for securing jobs. It imparts skills that is needed to secure jobs.

The program focuses on three areas:

  1. Resume building and justifying resume.
  2. Interview handling and managing nervous energy.
  3. Building self-confidence.

The curriculum incorporates:

  1. Interactive sessions.
  2. Real- life scenarios
  3. Role playing

The will help students and young graduates become more confident and better able to manage pressure and stress well.


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